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About us

Hampstead Norreys was established as a farming village in a lush valley flanked by flint and chalky hillsides, many centuries before it was recorded in Domesday Book of 1086. Almost certainly on the site of a Saxon estate headquarters, the Manor House itself is surrounded by 17th Century barns and stables and adjoins the charming church and churchyard dating from Norman times. The house and cottages have views across the village to the farm’s arable fields.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Manor House has been handed down through both paternal and maternal forbears, the Lowsleys and the Betts. The current generation of the Betts family work together in running the farm and the self-catering cottages. You will be looked after by Jessica Betts when you come to stay.

Recent renovations have transformed the old dairy and stable block, (no longer suitable for modern agriculture) preserving assets and history for our village. For a taste of English heritage, Manor Farm Courtyard Cottages are the place to stay.

We are members of the Green Business Tourism Scheme which encourages actions that will really make a difference to our carbon footprint. The Courtyard Cottages are heated by a biomass boiler, which serves the whole Courtyard. We monitor our use of electricity and water, recycle where possible and encourage our visitors to do the same.